My Photography

I love photography.  Plain and simple.  I get so much joy capturing memories for my own family and for others.  It truly is a passion for me.  There's something so incredible about having that laugh, kiss, smile, tear, or any moment of beauty captured in a still for you to keep always.

When it comes to my style, I'm definitely not your, "Sit, smile and say cheese!" type of girl.  Of course we'll get photos of you and your loved ones smiling, but I also love focusing on the life that happens in between these shots.  Life isn't sitting and smiling.  That's way too stagnant.  Life is movement, laughter, pondering, playing, crying and most importantly, life is joy.  I want the personalities of my clients and my personal photographic style to come together and make the perfect work of art for you.

I am a natural light photographer.  I love shooting outdoors, but also love using the beautiful diffused light from a window indoors.
I love collaborating with my clients to make a work of art you can keep forever!