Session Fee is $100 or €75

Please Contact me for a more complete price list

What you get:

*My time and talent.  (Sessions last one hour but sometimes last a little longer)
*One location.  For the location, I primarily shoot in natural light, so if we are shooting in your home, please make sure you have space that allows for ample sunlight.  Generally speaking, though, I prefer shooting outdoors or in an area that means something to you and your family.  Every one is unique and my desire as a photographer is to capture that.  I am ready for anything and any location.  If you're not sure, point me in the direction of your nearest park or pretty area and we'll get some amazing shots.  After all, the shoot is less about the location and more about YOU.

*A session for up to 6 people.  (As adding people complicates and lengthens a session, there may be additional charges of $25.00 per person above the 6)

*20-25 Fully edited Digital copies of your photos on a CD that can be printed at your discretion.  (I will sign a waiver giving you full access to them)

*Access to an mpix gallery so you can print them yourselves there as well.


* Session fee is due at the time of the session.

*Due to the nature of services provided, no refunds are allowed.

*If the location is more than a 45 minute drive from my home there will be an additional charge for travel expense, which will be discussed at the time of booking and not incurred by you at the last minute.