Thursday, January 31, 2013

Camera Liberated!!!

As some of you know, we finally moved into our Italian apartment in Vomero.  Vomero is an absolutely stunning area of Naples that sits up on a hill and overlooks the rest of the city.  Not only is the area beautiful, but it's full of amazing shops, restaurants, art galleries, museums, 7 gelato shops within a 2 block name it, it's here.  The only little teeny sacrifice one has to make to live in such an area is living space. Not really a big deal as you have the whole city as your backyard, but it's kind of a big deal when you move in and the movers don't come again for two weeks to pick up your boxes that are blocking any free space in your apartment.   Anyway, for the past two weeks, my camera has been stuck in a cabinet behind said boxes.  It's been driving me crazy!  Inspiration will strike and then I'll remember, oh right, my camera is stuck in a closet.  We kept calling the movers and they kept saying, "Be patient".  Resigning myself to the fact that the movers were never going to come and rid our house of the boxes stuffed with paper piled to the top of our 15 foot ceilings, I plead my camera case to Nathan and he gallantly tackled the box wall and rescued my camera from its prison.  I was so excited!  I almost immediately took it out and took these photos of my favorite little model.  
The two photos above don't have any post process editing.  They're just taken with a ziploc bag over my lens.  Thanks to my new friend and amazing photographer, Liisa Roberts. for the awesome photography hack.  

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