Friday, January 4, 2013

Location Ideas: Capodimonte

 I thought I'd do a few blog posts on location ideas to inspire you for your photo session.  So there are like a million amazing places around Naples and I've only been to a few.  As a photographer, it comes in pretty handy to be familiar with said amazing places so they can be utilized in photo shoots.  Yesterday I packed up Scarlett and we went to a place I've passed on the Tangenziale (Toll Road Through Naples) time and again and have wanted to stop, but hadn't until now.  Capodimonte Museum and Park.  It's beautiful!  I felt like I was in a Jane Austen Novel...but placed somewhere warmer and slightly tropical... I guess I should have just felt like I was in Italy.  Anyway, the park is beautiful and there's a spectacular Bourbon Palazzo on the grounds.  I didn't explore quite as much as I'd hoped as about 15 minutes into our adventure Scarlett met a new friend and they played in the same 100 square meters for about an hour and a half, running around like little maniacs.  Fortunately I did manage to get a few shots. Then it was lunchtime and we had to leave. At least these photos will give you a taste of the beauty that is Capodimonte.  

Can't you see your next family photo shoot here?

I had to add this last photo, not because it's a good photo, but because it's proof of this bizarre phenomenon.  Scarlett has been a total mamma's girl her whole life.  If I was around and someone wanted to hold her there was no way she would allow it!  She may be fine for a second, but as soon as that second was over she'd jump in my arms.  For some reason, however, she becomes fast friends with any Italian that shows an interest in her.  She met this lady literally 5 minutes before this picture was taken.

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